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Share the luv, 12 excellent online resources

As I crack open a new sketchpad and gear up for another batch of projects, I figured I would share some online resources that have helped me in the past few months.

As a freelancer, we all feed off each other- our resources, our techniques and bookmarks to bring things to the next level. Here is a good grouping, some you may already be familiar with and other new.

Feel free to comment and add your own, it would be greatly appreciated.

Art & Design:
Free Custom Photoshop Brushes to Download Free
Free Vectors @ VectorStock
More Free Vectors to Download…
Free Icon & Widget Sets to Download
Library of Free Decent Bitmap Patterns
C4D, After Effects, Photoshop and Other Video Tutorial Blog
Morgue File; Good Free Stock Photography
Video CoPilot: After Effects and 3DS Max Tutorials

Visual Stimulation and Other Forms of Inspiration:
Veritable Fringe Festival of Off-beat Music Videos and such…
Massive Swerve
Arrested Motion

The image above is from a scene I am creating for my upcoming reel. I hope to launch it before the madness of the holiday season crashes over me, stay tuned.